Believe in Yourself


Do You Prefer to Believe in the Positive or the Negative?

Positive Thinking for SME's and Individual's

Do You Prefer to Believe in the Positive or the Negative

Having read my fair share of articles over the last 24 months about the state of the nation I feel totally frustrated that as a nation we would prefer to believe that we are a spent force, on the scrap heap, failures and a whole host of other terms that I care not to repeat. I feel that some are at a point of finding comfort in the negative as if that is going to change anything. Enough…

I have a number of friends\clients who are non-Irish and who have set up business here over the last 10 years because of our can do belief. They came here and were mesmerised by us. They loved the idea that we believed that anything was possible. I’m not talking about construction or construction related business’s but IT Companies, Online Retail, Product, Export, Transport etc. The comment was made to me last month that all the self belief has gone and now the hope with it.

We can all understand why this has happened, but we need to step back and re-analyse this. Yes the Bank Bailout has put massive pressure on us as taxpayers especially if the tax take remains at €35bnish, the IMF coming in is upsetting and the political system needs a major overhaul. The worry about mortgage rates is just the latest thing that is worrying us all. But look at our business sector.

In Quintas, we would have a large number of Clients (approx 2000). Everyone of those clients have found the last 3 years difficult. About 100 of those clients have closed their doors but the rest are still there. Some have down sized, some have battled hard to maintained the status quo and others have actually grown. How have clients maintained the status quo or grown? Are we not in the worst recession ever to hit these shores, are we not answering to some one else’s tune etc etc

Well the answer is simple. We have a very creative, determined, vocal and hard working private sector. A sector that has cut their cloth to measure. A sector that is looking at foreign markets for raw materials and also looking at foreign markets to export to. There is a huge belief that over the coming 24 months that the private sector will convert that hunger into real growth.  I’m not saying that the private sector is not hurting. It is hurting. Job Losses and Job creation will be neutral over the next 12 months. Cash and Cash flow continues to be difficult. Profits may be coming back and just because a company or business may be making profit does not mean that cash flow is improving.

But we are still here, we were busy putting in longer hours getting fit and lean when others were just pointing fingers. We have put in new structures, controls and policies. We were also studying what was going on in foreign markets and educating ourselves. We are ready.

As a nation we are well educated. Our 3rd level institutions are turning out courses tailored to what is happening and what is needed in the market place. There are so many markets opening up to us it’s incredible. We have to focus on the job in hand. More and more people are coming to the realisation that we can only control what we can control. We’ve got to do it for our selves.

So yes there is light at the end of the tunnel. Ideas and Job creation is the only way. Forget about restructuring bailouts, taking issue with our European Neighbours and the usual garbage the politicians go on about. We have to do it for ourselves, support each other, buy Irish and believe in ourselves again.

William Hogan is a Parner in Quintas


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6 Responses to “Believe in Yourself”

  1. Peter Bradley Says:

    Well said, William,
    We will have a new and hopefully stable government in place in the coming weeks, more people than ever before are politically motivated, a fair percentage for the first time ever and that’s a great thing and people are looking for value for money accompanying the level of service which will make us more competitive as a nation. We have a wonderful reputation as a people for our warmth and generosity. The mass emigration of young people at the moment can be the vastly experienced immigrants in ten years time. If our Irish Diaspora want to contribute, encourage them all to commit to visiting our shores over the next ten years. The debt is referred to as the elephant in the room…well, lock the door, forget about it and get on with your life. Well said, again.

    • William Hogan, Partner Says:

      Peter, we have a great country full of promise. If we really want to we can be successful again, but we have to believe. William

  2. Gita Malinovska Says:

    I love positive posts. It’s true that there are too much negative things around us. I stopped watching news and instead listen to motivative podcasts. I know it is sometimes hard to believe that everything will be better soon, but it can’t be bad forever, right? 🙂
    Some positive thoughts – Ireland is great for new businesses. Even thought we were in recession there were 13,321 new companies started in 2009 (CRO report). How great is that? I originally come from Latvia and only 2 companies started there in 2009.
    Then think about all the support available for new businesses – funding, mentoring, training, networking, incubation spaces and much much more. I have never seen anything like that in any other country. Ireland is very, very entrepreneurial and we will definitely get out of this hole soon.

    • William Hogan, Partner Says:

      Gita, It’s really very interesting to read your comments especially as you have the experience of another country. If only people would take the time to look at all the positives we have to offer. Thank for taking the time to comment on my piece. Keep following as we need that type of input. William

  3. Mick O'Dwyer Says:

    Having lived through the dotcom bubble burst in the early 2000s, the 90s recession and the strike years in the 70s I try not to pay attention to the doom-sayers. Every economic wobble seems to bring more sensationalist gloom and doom – the traditional media is fast becoming the Chicken Little of the news world, and it’s no wonder they’re losing audience share.

    Yes, it’s been a tough couple of years but business is still being done. You might have to work harder for it, but there are plenty of opportunities to be taken. For me it’s all about having a willingness to adapt, making quick business decisions and taking advantage, not being stuck in a rut of indecision waiting to be run over.

    • William Hogan, Partner Says:

      Mick, it’s all about self belief. It’s a global Market with a lot of potential for cottage industry. There are more positives than negatives if we choose to see them. William

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